Game-Changing Features Of The New Smart!

1.The 16 Amazing Mobile Application Features of Doorbox

1.1: Lock and unlock from anywhere, anytime by just a click of a button. (Ref Image: 1.1)
1.2: Receive instant notifications when a package is delivered. (Ref Image:1.1)
1.3: Internal camera shows what got delivered inside DoorBox. (Ref Image: 1.3)
1.4: External camera show who delivered the package. (Ref Image: 1.3)

1.5: On-demand feature allows you to receive images from internal and external cameras anytime, on-demand. (Ref Image: 1.2)

1.6: Activate or deactivate in-built alarm in emergency situations. (Ref Image: 1.2)
1.7: Motion sensor captures anyone approaching DoorBox. (Ref Image: 1.2)

1.8: View Wi-Fi strength at Doorbox anytime. (Ref Image: 1.2)

1.9: View remaining battery percentage at anytime. (Ref Image: 1.2)

1.10: View temperature inside DoorBox. (Ref Image: 1.2)

1.11: Set or reset 3 different passwords instantly. (Ref Image: 1.2)

1.12: View 3 prior months of images from internal and external cameras.

1.13: Add, delete or modify any number of additional mobile application users to access your DoorBox.

1.14: Add, delete or modify profile or access information of any user any time.

1.15: Set or modify your notification preferences.

1.16: Create support ticket for your DoorBox to resolve your issues.

2. Features of the New

2.1: DoorBox stays unlocked when empty—why bother securing an empty box, after all? This means delivery personnel don't need a code for the first delivery, making it incredibly convenient and boosting successful deliveries inside DoorBox.

2.2: DoorBox swiftly auto-locks upon delivery and sends instant mobile notifications.

2.3: DoorBox instantly sends photos of deliveries and their respective deliverers to your phone.
2.4: The Doorbox auto-locks within 3 minutes if left unlocked with a package inside.
2.5: DoorBox: powder-coated steel, weatherproof, rustproof, tamper-proof, and incredibly secure. (Ref Image: 2.1)

2.6: TFT display activates when there is movement within 3 feet, conserving battery by switching off after 3 minutes of inactivity.
2.7: TFT display is designed for outdoor use, resilient against sun, harsh weather, waterproof, and weatherproof.

2.8: Emergency lock enables manual opening anytime with a key. (Ref Image: 2.2)
2.9: Our groundbreaking battery lasts an impressive 3 weeks, ensuring uninterrupted use. Plus, we offer an extra backup for extended peace of mind. Connect it effortlessly to an AC outlet for continuous, worry-free operation.
2.10: Internal LEDs illuminate during camera use, switching off automatically when done.
2.11: DoorBox utilizes a cutting-edge customized EM lock, ensuring robust strength and high security for your contents.

2.12: Built-in GPS pinpoints DoorBox location, activating upon unauthorized movements.
2.13: Our AI algorithm, powered by GPS, swiftly detects deliveries and prompts nearby DoorBoxes to grant access to authenticated delivery personnel, an incredibly advanced feature.

2.14: Through GPS, our AI program pre-authenticates routine UPS, Amazon, USPS, and FedEx delivery personnel in your vicinity, streamlining pre-approvals and speeding up deliveries along your route and neighborhood.

2.15: Our patented steel cable and lock assembly let DoorBox attach to any door handles, guardrails, pillars, posts or any fixed object, thwarting theft of the DoorBox itself.

2.16: With 12 granted utility patents around the World, DoorBox gives peace of mind to over 50% of the World population.

Reference Images

Image: 1.1

Image: 1.2

Image: 1.3

Image: 2.1

Image: 2.2

Lock Assembly - Anchor It

External Camera - Receive It

Internal Camera - View It

Locking Mechanism - Lock It

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