Unleash The Power Of Generative AI

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Our Generative AI

Learns And Authenticates Residents And Delivery Personnel Instantly

Our Generative AI

Learns To Lock And Unlock Automatically Based On Package Detection

Our Generative AI

Integrates With Smart Home, Detects Anomalies And Triggers Alarm

Our Generative AI

Learns Your Purchasing Patterns And Offers Cost-Saving Coupons In Mobile App

Smart DoorBox.ai - Innovate Your Delivery Experience

Universal Lock Assembly Compatible With Any Fixture

Automated Smart DoorBox

Revolutionary, patented, automated and an innovative Smart DoorBox. Can be controlled using mobile-app from anywhere in the world. Twin cameras with object detection technology ensures secure package exchange between any two parties at any time with certified delivery and video-proof.

Customizable Design

IoT (Internet of Things) Box

Lock Assembly - Anchor It

Locking Mechanism - Lock It

See Who Delivered

See What Got Delivered

General Packages

Medical Supplies

Pet & Baby Supplies

These Videos Are Proofs As They Were Captured By Those Security Cameras

Seeing is Believing & Securing is Relieving

  • Artificial Intelligence: An AI based object recognition & authentication software for automatic locking and unlocking.
  • Machine Learning: Learns, Detects and Triggers security system based on anomalies.
  • Internet of Things: Mobile app based active and sleep modes for live videos, images, locking and unlocking, anti-theft and other mobile app controlled features.

Seamless Connectivity With DoorBox

Experience uninterrupted connection and effortless operation with DoorBox, even from a distance of up to 10 meters. Enjoy the convenience of secure deliveries with reliable Wi-Fi connectivity that ensures your packages are always safe and accessible.

Mobile App Overview

Smart Features

Status of DoorBox

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