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Automated Smart DoorBox

  • Revolutionary, Patented, automated and an innovative Smart DoorBox. Can be controlled using mobile-app from anywhere in the world. Twin Cameras with Object detection technology ensures secure package exchange between any two parties at any time with certified delivery and video-proof.

Features of Smart DoorBox

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The House of Robinson’s “ or anything appropriate you think is suitable


Inside IoT( Internet of Things) Case with a Camera and Sensors - Inside IoT Case has an incredibly high resolution IO camera, an alarm, LED light and a sophisticated IoT electronics with an incredible battery management system

Locking Mechanism

IoT Lock- Automatic Locking and Unlocking of the Smart DoorBox

Doorbox with Multiple deliveries

what’s being delivered from your Mobile-App


B2B - For Retailers, Pharmacies, Food Delivery

  • Customize your deployment of B2B smart DoorBoxes with one Master unit and any number and sizes of Child units.