1) I lost a package that got delivered today. How can I prevent this from happening in the future? What can I buy to solve this problem?

Losing a package can be frustrating, but there are a few things you can do to help prevent it from happening again in the future.

a) Get a DoorBox , an unique and innovative consumer product to secure your deliveries safely that comes with video and pictures proof.
b) Install DoorBox within minutes by the ease of instructions given to you at the time of purchase.
c) In order to prevent the loss of entire DoorBox itself, it has been provided with a proprietary steel cable with a lock assembly that can be fixed to any stationary object like doorknobs, guardrails etc.,
d) Automatic locking or unlocking of the DoorBox can be operated through a mobile app even remotely
e) So, what more you require buckle up to the latest generation of smart technology and use your DoorBox conveniently and efficiently.

By taking these steps, you can help ensure that your packages are delivered safely and securely in the future.

2) What product can I buy to protect my packages from online delivery?

Your choice of the best product ends with buying a Smart DoorBox.

Unlike the other products in the market, it stands out as it is a unique and innovative consumer product to secure your deliveries safely that comes with video and pictures as proof.

3) What is Smart DoorBox and how does it work? 

Smart DoorBox is a revolutionary, IoT-driven, AI-powered product that enables Secure Package Exchange anywhere.

Smart DoorBox ensures

1) secure delivery and receipt of your online purchases from Amazon and others

2) Integrates with your Smart home solution.

3) helps securely receive your medicines, groceries, food, etc. from anyone at any time.

With a camera on the outside of the Smart DoorBox, and another camera on the inside, and with full control of all features from one’s mobile-phone, Smart DoorBox offers instant gratification. Smart DoorBox will become an essential product that every house and every small office in the USA should have one in front of their property.

 4) Will doorbox solve the package theft problem?

Yes DoorBox is the product you can count on to solve the package theft problem.

Doorbox is an excellent solution for preventing package theft and making deliveries easier. In the US alone 1.7 million packages get stolen each day. And the revenue loss estimated in the USA is $9 Billion per year.

The magnitude of the problem is huge and scalable options to prevent theft of packages is minimal. DoorBox has made its presence felt in this direction.

 5) How secure is DoorBox.ai?

What is very unique about the product is that the entire DoorBox itself cannot be carried away by the Porch pirates as it has been provided with a patented proprietary steel cable and a lock assembly that can be fixed to any stationary object like doorknobs, guardrails  etc., in about 4 seconds. The included cartridge can be quickly adjusted to 10 different positions to securely connect to almost anything.

To deter thieves, Doorbox also comes with multiple loud alarm stickers and an alarm box inside it. If anyone attempts to tamper with Doorbox, it will trigger a loud alarm.

The proprietary steel cable with integrated electrical wires that can withstand over 800-Lbs of force and that is securely connected to the parcel box with a tamper-proof, secure nut that cannot be unscrewed without special tools. Cable and Doorbox comprises wires inside that monitor continuity, and tampering any part of Doorbox will trigger a 125-decibel alarm (can be switched off by owner, if necessary).

 6) What are the benefits of using DoorBox?  

There are numerous benefits of using Smart DoorBox:
1) The foremost benefit is safe and secured delivery of packages is ensured with certified proof of delivery in both video and photo. This eases a lot of worry to keep track of your delivery.
2) Ease of usage as it is a technologically advanced system, Smart DoorBox uses automatic locking or unlocking and incorporates object detection technology.
3) It can recognize the face of the repeated delivery person and unlocks to help place the package delivery inside the DoorBox.
4) It can detect anomalies and trigger alerts sent to the mobile phone.
5) It can eliminate long queues in front of food joints or pharmacies to enable quick delivery of the parcels at the counter using Doorbox.

 7) How do I sign up for DoorBox.ai service?

There are many ways in which you can sign up for DoorBox service

a) You can visit our website https://www.doorbox.ai.
b) You can google us by typing Doorbox.
c) DoorBox Security Code can be setup In Online Delivery Websites.
d) You can visit our social media handles like twitter, Facebook or Instagram.