Can we make this Christmas safer from Porch Pirates?

Lo! it's the Christmas season again and jingle bells to catch up with your ears. We are busy preparing for the happy, festive season and implore Santa to present more gifts.

Gifts galore appear on our porches in plenty and we thank our friends or relatives for the time they invested to heap the harbinger. 

They mostly arrive at our doorstep; the front porch and we need to have an eye on them. If we aren't around there is every chance that porch pirates are on the anvil of swishing away your precious Christmas gifts in the wink of an eye.

I have taken care I will be back home when the delivery comes in and protect it, says one. And other harp on amazon lockers at a place where they can collect their packages.

But do you know in the market, a new innovative product to safeguard your packages is a great help to millions? Yes, you heard it right, the Smart DoorBox is the answer. You can not only safeguard your packages, but you can most importantly have greater peace of mind.

Statistics of Porch Piracy

Every day around 1.7 million packages are stolen. CNBC stats show that the problem is huge. More than $9 Billion dollar loss per year. Amazon alone loses $25 Million every day. 90000 packages are stolen daily in New York.

Parcel carriers lose close to $89 Billion this year from parcels not delivered on the first attempt. Over 128 Million households have no protection for their online deliveries. Over 150 Million Amazon Prime Members are struggling to solve the package theft problem.

Time to give wings to yourself

It is the right time after a long year to give wings to yourself. One could imagine more to get the best of this time. It could be a holiday elsewhere or a beautiful party at home with friends and family. We like to be happy and in a jolly mood all throughout. When such be the time you cannot miss out on your deliveries to Porch piracy.

How can we be your benefactor every Christmas?

We have a marvelous testimony to usage of our DoorBox with combination lock to access and  secure the deliveries given by one of our customers. 

He is disabled and living alone. He needed his medicines to support his life.

He had his 22 prescriptions of weekly medicine delivered to his home in the DoorBox  instead of him having to pick up from a pharmacy. He praised in his review that his DoorBox has ensured he doesn’t miss any deliveries.

He let his heart out to recommend everyone should have a look for themselves and was impressed by the upcoming premium features in Smart DoorBox. 

Who we are at a glance!! 

We are a startup named DoorBox Corporation and you can find more details here ( about my Organization.

A short brief of my organization. We have built an automatic Smart DoorBox. An AI-Powered, IoT-enabled robot to secure deliveries automatically. It can end Porch Piracy and Unsecured deliveries. It has Object detection technology and can be operated from anywhere in the world using Mobile-app.

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