DoorBox is a foolproof solution to package theft!!!

Are you in search of a product that combines the features of a Package lockbox, Package guard, Security camera or a Smart lock? Doorbox is the answer. Why? Because it is the general belief that no product can completely eliminate the risk of the package theft. There are a variety of devices available in the market to help prevent package theft, such as lockable delivery boxes or mailboxes, package theft alarms, and even motion-activated sprinklers that can deter would-be thieves. They all have partial features unlike the Doorbox which is a complete product package in itself.

DoorBox is a package delivery service that provides secure and convenient delivery options for packages. It can help to reduce the risk of package theft by providing a secure location for packages to be delivered.
DoorBox service involves a smart delivery box that is installed outside your home or apartment building. When a package is delivered, the delivery driver uses a unique access code on the acrylic keypad to unlock the box and place the package inside. Alternatively you can lock the Doorbox from the Mobile-app at anywhere and anytime. Once the package is delivered, you will receive a notification that your package has been delivered and is waiting for you in the box.

While it can help deter opportunistic thieves, determined criminals who may still want to be able to break into the box or steal the entire box itself can also be prevented from doing so. If anyone wishes to tamper with the DoorBox a loud alarm will be heard and additionally the unique feature is that it can be heard on your smart mobile for action. Moreover the Doorbox can be securely connected and disconnected to all types of doorknobs, guardrails, posts and to our wall mount in about 4 seconds. The included cartridge can be quickly adjusted to 10 different positions to securely connect to almost anything. These are the other security measures offered by Doorbox.

Some of the improvements to package delivery procedures include the use of smart mobile-app using which you can lock or unlock the DoorBox through an IoT-enabled automatic locking mechanism configured by the cloud based algorithm to give instructions to lock. It can be unlocked from the mobile-app again. And the delivery of the package is done with certified photo and video proof with help of twin cameras that take the internal picture of the package to view and the external picture after the person who receives it. Our AI technology further has the feature to recognize the same delivery person if they come again to deliver the package. Also machine learning technology enables DoorBox to detect anomalies and trigger alerts regarding the same.

In summary, Doorbox can help mitigate the risk of package theft and it's a complete solution to the problem. Further it's not as important to consider other security measures and improvements to package delivery procedures to fully address the issue when you can find them all in the Doorbox. Hence, it is an ultimate solution provider to package thefts and brings peace of mind to people.

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