Can Security Cameras Deter Package Theft?

Security cameras offer a sense of protection for many consumers — almost half (46%) of Americans have at least one security camera — but it doesn’t seem like they’re scaring away porch pirates. Of those who’ve ever had a package stolen, 60% have at least one security camera.

ValuePenguin home insurance expert Divya Sangameshwar says consumers shouldn’t rely on security cameras alone to protect their packages.

"Security cameras are a helpful tool for law enforcement in case your package is stolen, but it’s useless as a tool to prevent package theft," she says. "Prevention relies on you being vigilant and picking up the parcel from your front door immediately. Thieves are also aware of video doorbells and how to dodge them, either by walking below the line of sight of the video doorbell or hiding their faces, making it harder to identify and catch them."

But security cameras aren’t the only anti-theft measures consumers have implemented in the past year. Among those who’ve ever had a package stolen, they’re most likely to recently protect their packages by enabling tracking notifications (45%). Beyond that, package theft victims are also likely to install doorbell cameras (35%) or choose delivery times (27%).

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