Guide to use your Doorbox

Package theft is the act of stealing a package that has been delivered to someone's home or business. It is a growing problem, with millions of packages stolen each year. Package thieves often target homes and businesses that are not well-protected, such as those that do not have a doorbell camera or security system.

Doorbox is a weatherproof and secure package delivery box that can be used to prevent package theft. When your package is delivered, the delivery person can simply place it in your Doorbox and close the lid. Your Doorbox is then locked and secure, and you can retrieve your package at your convenience.

Using the doorbox isn't complex at all; it's a straightforward process that any delivery person can easily navigate. In this blog post, we will explore the process of utilizing the doorbox.

Setting Up Doorbox: 

Upon receiving the doorbox, the initial step is to set it up before putting it to use. The setup entails linking the doorbox to your home Wi-Fi network, followed by downloading the official mobile app onto your phone. Next, you'll create a doorbox account and establish a PIN for locking and unlocking the doorbox.

Concealing The Doorbox: 

After completing the initial setup of the doorbox, position it outside the desired door where you intend to receive packages. Utilize the provided cable and lock to securely attach the doorbox to a stable and immovable object such as a doorknob, pillar, or railing, ensuring that the doorbox cannot be easily removed. 

Receiving The Delivery:

When receiving your initial package, the Doorbox will begin in an unlocked state. Once the package is positioned inside the Doorbox and the lid is shut, the device will capture interior images to confirm package receipt. If the system confirms the package's arrival, the Doorbox will subsequently lock itself automatically. Simultaneously, you, as the user, will receive a notification indicating the successful package delivery, along with interior and exterior images of the Doorbox. 

Receiving multiple packages within the same day: 

Facilitating the acceptance of multiple packages is straightforward – simply integrate the code into your delivery instructions. The delivery personnel can employ this code to unlock the Doorbox, deposit the package, and subsequently close the lid. The Doorbox will then autonomously relock itself, ensuring the security of the packages.

Here are some additional tips for using Doorbox:

  • Employ a robust Doorbox code: Safeguard your packages by implementing a strong Doorbox code that is challenging to predict or decipher.
  • Regularly inspect your Doorbox: If you anticipate a delivery, make it a habit to routinely check your Doorbox. This practice ensures that you stay informed and do not overlook any incoming packages.

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