What 2022 Package Theft Statistics Reveal?

Both American consumers and businesses find themselves in a state of uncertainty as inflation and the looming possibility of a recession cast shadows on the horizon. The landscape of shopping habits for many Americans has shifted over recent years, influenced by the pandemic and its far-reaching impact on the economy. 

We conducted a survey involving 2,006 individuals across the United States to delve deeper into their shopping and expenditure patterns in 2022. Our focus was on understanding their online shopping behaviors, encounters with delivery theft, and the ongoing effects of inflation on their financial plans.

With many businesses adapting to online shopping since the onset of the pandemic in March 2020, it’s no surprise that Americans continue to shop online for the convenience and speed of delivery.

The image below illustrates the extent to which individuals have been impacted by package theft. This visual representation vividly underscores the significant magnitude of the package theft issue in the United States. 


package theft prevention

Despite the persistent presence of porch pirates seeking to steal packages, there are proactive measures you can take to safeguard your online purchases.

If you know a package is expected to be delivered – be diligent in collecting it as soon as possible to lessen the opportunity for porch pirates to steal it. That’s why most people (60%) keep a close eye on delivery tracking, and 43% sign up for delivery alerts.

Moreover, while about half (51%) stay home when a package is expected to be delivered, others take different preventive approaches, such as installing a camera doorbell, sending the package to their workplace or a relative’s home, or opting to pick up their online order in the store.

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