Every Day, 1.7 Million Packages are stolen at American Doorsteps.
End Package Theft with
DoorBox.ai: AI-Powered Secure Delivery.

Kumar Sundaresan

Founder and CEO of DoorBox Corporation

Losing someone you love hurts like nothing else. For me, losing my dad felt like losing a piece of my life. We had a special connection, and his battle with cancer was deeply painful. Over time, I realized just how strong that bond was. The memory that stood out was of him wearing his glasses and a Swiss wristwatch he cherished for 40 years. The watch symbolized his hard work, dedication, and great taste.

When he passed, I asked my mom in India to send me his glasses and the watch. She understood and agreed. I eagerly awaited the delivery notification while at work. Rushing home, I found no package. Panic set in as I searched desperately. I turned to my video footage and what I saw devastated me. A thief had snatched my package within minutes of delivery. To him, it meant nothing, but to me, it was priceless. Losing it felt like losing my dad again.

It hit me that cameras couldn't protect our cherished memories. This moment led me to a life-changing decision. I resolved to solve this issue so no one else would suffer this pain. I founded DoorBox Corporation with a mission to end the heartache of losing emotionally valuable packages. Each safe delivery honors my father's legacy.

"DoorBox aims to simplify your delivery and amplify your joy".

Security Cameras Provide No Security. See them here.

"If you wish to SEE a package thief, install a security camera.
If you aim to STOP package theft, get a DoorBox."

Game-Changing Features Of The New Smart Doorbox.ai!

1.Amazing Mobile Application Features of Doorbox

1.1: Lock and unlock from anywhere, anytime by just a click of a button. (Ref Image: 1.1)
1.2: Receive instant notifications when a package is delivered. (Ref Image:1.1)
1.3: Internal camera and External camera shows the delivery and the Delivery personnel. (Ref Image: 1.3)

1.4: On-demand feature allows you to receive images from internal and external cameras anytime, on-demand. (Ref Image: 1.2)

1.5: Activate or deactivate in-built alarm in emergency situations. (Ref Image: 1.2)
1.6: Motion sensor captures anyone approaching DoorBox. (Ref Image: 1.2)

1.7: View Wi-Fi strength, battery percentage, temperature at Doorbox anytime. (Ref Image: 1.2)

1.8: Set or reset 3 different passwords instantly. (Ref Image: 1.2)

2. Features of the New Doorbox.ai

2.1: DoorBox stays unlocked when empty—why bother securing an empty box, after all? This means delivery personnel don't need a code for the first delivery, making it incredibly convenient and boosting successful deliveries inside DoorBox.

2.2: DoorBox swiftly auto-locks upon delivery and sends instant mobile notifications.

2.3: DoorBox instantly sends photos of deliveries and their respective deliverers to your phone.
2.4: DoorBox: powder-coated steel, weatherproof, rustproof, tamper-proof, and incredibly secure. (Ref Image: 2.1)

2.5: TFT display activates when there is movement within 3 feet, conserving battery by switching off after 3 minutes of inactivity.

2.6: Emergency lock enables manual opening anytime with a key. (Ref Image: 2.2)
2.7: Our groundbreaking battery lasts an impressive 3 weeks, ensuring uninterrupted use. Plus, we offer an extra backup for extended peace of mind.
2.8: Internal LEDs illuminate during camera use, switching off automatically when done.

2.9: Built-in GPS pinpoints DoorBox location, activating upon unauthorized movements.
2.10: Our AI algorithm, powered by GPS, swiftly detects deliveries and prompts nearby DoorBoxes to grant access to authenticated delivery personnel, an incredibly advanced feature.

2.11: Our patented steel cable and lock assembly let DoorBox attach to any door handles, guardrails, pillars, posts or any fixed object, thwarting theft of the DoorBox itself.

2.12: With 12 granted utility patents around the World, DoorBox gives peace of mind to over 50% of the World population.

Reference Images

Image: 1.1

Image: 1.2

Image: 1.3

Image: 2.1

Image: 2.2

Lock Assembly - Anchor It

External Camera - Receive It

Internal Camera - View It

Locking Mechanism - Lock It

Catch A Glimpse Of The Innovative Smart Doorbox.ai.