Revolutionary Smart DoorBox


  1. - How It Works!
  2. Smart DoorBox AI Demo
  3. Advanced Object Dectection Technology To Lock/Unlock Automatically
  4. Monitor & Control From Anywhere In The World Using Mobile-App
  5. See What's Inside & In-Front Of DoorBox At Anytime From Anywhere
  6. DoorBox Camera VS Security Camera
  7. Doorbox Official Youtube Channel
  8. CNBC Documentary about the Package Theft.
  9. The NewYork Times article on Package Theft in NYC.

What sets Doorbox AI apart from other porch lockers?

  • DoorBox is Empowered with the AI Technology,setting it apart from others.
  • DoorBox stays unlocked if it's empty; automatically locks when a package is placed inside.
  • Receive package photos and delivery person images on your mobile app
  • Doorbox can be locked and unlocked remotely via Mobile app
  • Doorbox can be secured to the any stationary object using provided steel cable and lockset
  • Quickly reset your DoorBox passcode if needed.
  • when trying to tamper the doorbox it automatically set alarm and notify us in mobile app which makes it impossible to steal the doorbox

1. - How It Works!

2.Smart DoorBox AI Demo

3.Advanced Object Detection Technology To Lock/Unlock Automatically

4.Monitor & Control From Anywhere In The World Using Mobile-App

5.See What's Inside & In-Front Of DoorBox At Anytime From Anywhere

6.Our DoorBox Camera VS. Security Camera

Take a look at our pilot testing videos that offer a comparison between the built-in camera of DoorBox and an external security camera. Click the button below to view the pilot test videos.

7.Explore Our Official DoorBox YouTube Channel.

Visit the official DoorBox YouTube channel to watch real delivery videos showcasing how DoorBox safeguards online shoppers' packages when they're away from home. Click the button below to visit the official YouTube channel.

How Big The Package Theft Problem Is?

8.CNBC Documentary About The Package Theft

Package theft has reached an all-time high, with a shocking 1.7 million packages disappearing or getting lost daily in the U.S. As online shopping surges due to Amazon's influence, Prime members get around 51 packages yearly. Worryingly, one in three Americans reports a package theft, causing a massive daily loss of $25 million in goods. Amazon responds by setting up secure lockers in 900 U.S. cities and introducing Amazon Key, allowing safe indoor delivery. UPS, FedEx, and USPS expand storefronts for package pickup. Innovations include Google's video doorbells, startups testing advanced tracking, and lockboxes for homes.

9.The Newyork Times Article On Package Theft In NYC

A piece was released in the New York Times on December 2, 2019, centered around the problem of package theft. The article delves into the strategies employed by residents of New York City to address the matter of stolen packages. It illustrates the diverse approaches individuals have adopted to prevent their packages from being pilfered from their doorsteps. For further insight into how New Yorkers handle package theft, click the button below to access the article.