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DoorBox Is Experiencing Tremendous Traction And Demand From Pharmaceutical Companies

Discussion of $3 Million PO From HDPS  

Discussion Summary

  • HDPS (HealthDirect Pharmacy Services) likes as a solution.
  • HDPS wants to use DoorBox to securely deliver medicines to their Pharma customers.

  • HDPS has over 26 pharmacies and over 50,000 customers.

  • HDPS is interested in procuring 2000 DoorBoxes at $1,500 per DoorBox, totalling a $3 Million PO initially.

  • is currently working on delivering samples to meet their specifications and secure the PO.

Essential Meeting Highlights

Discussion With United Pharmacy Network

Discussion Summary

  • UPN has a network of 500 pharmacy stores in 21 states across the USA.
  • Each Store has an average of 20,000 customers.
  • DoorBox is in discussions with UPN to secure a significant purchase order aimed at helping UPN customers receive their medicine safely and securely.

Essential Meeting Highlights

AleraCare's Unyielding Demand & Glowing Testimonial