Status Update - Nov 7, 2023

Powder-Coated Sheets

Partially Assembled Sample

Final Product

IoT Enclosure

In Manufacturing Phase

Final Product

Metal Box Testing

Water-Proof Testing [The top IoT enclosure opening is covered in plastic]

Partially Assembled Sample

Internal Camera With Special 120 Degree Wide Angle Lens

Main PCB Board

Internal Image

External Image

Customized Lock - Emergency Unlock Feature

Turning On The IoT

Emergency Unlock Feature

Customized Battery With BMS

Status Update

  1. We have fantastic news to share with you regarding our recent developments. Initially, our plan was to provide a 21-day battery backup using a 20-AH battery, and we are thrilled to announce that we've not only achieved this milestone but also surpassed our expectations. We are now anticipating an impressive battery backup of over 30 days with the same 20-AH battery. We're diligently fine-tuning and refining this.

  2. We firmly believe that this extended battery backup time is a true game-changer that will surpass the expectations of our customers. Furthermore, we're delighted to inform you that our custom EM lock is prepared for bulk production, along with the readiness of our DoorBox metal enclosure.

  3. Our metal IoT enclosure is currently being manufactured and undergoing fine-tuning. We expect that this will be completed in about 10 days time.

  4. We aim to ship between 5 to 10 DoorBoxes to our key investors and selected individuals before December 31st. Additionally, we will be working concurrently on FCC and UL certifications. FCC and UL certification agencies are asking us to submit 4 finished samples including finalized PCB. We are trying to get this done parallelly and as efficiently as possible to avoid losing time.

  5. We expect to ship DoorBox to customers after receiving FCC certifications. We are trying to accomplish this prior to December 31st.  

  6. We are sincerely grateful for your ongoing support and look forward to offering a revolutionary DoorBox for the World in the near future.


A Quick Summary Of DoorBox Features [There are over 150 patented claims in the US]:

  1. Patent: Our patent prevents others from attaching any package receiving solution to a fixed object using cables, ropes, or chains. DoorBox is portable and doesn't need permanent drilling on your porch, preventing theft of both box and packages. Only DoorBox can be secured to a stationary object.

  2. Twin Cameras: We exclusively provide twin cameras, displaying both the delivery person and the package delivered.

  3. Delivery Confirmation with Image Proof: DoorBox ensures delivery confirmation with visual evidence, and not just signature proof.

  4. Generative AI: Our APIs swiftly handle various data inputs like images, videos, audio, or text using multiple AI engines. We select the most suitable engine for dependable results, ensuring adaptability to new AI tech for significant growth and success.