STEP 1 - Open UPS Website

UPS package lock box

STEP 2 - Go to My Profile

UPS delivery box

STEP 3 - Click on Sign Up

UPS package delivery box

STEP 4 - Fill Your Details to Create a New Account

UPS package drop box

STEP 5 - After Filling the Details Click Sign Up  

UPS parcel drop box

STEP 6 - Scroll to The Bottom of Terms & Conditions

UPS large mailbox for packages

STEP 7 - Click on “I agree” and Click On “Next”  

UPS large package drop box

STEP 8 - Your account is Created. Click “Continue”

UPS secure package delivery box

STEP 9 - Click on Your Profile

UPS porch box

STEP 10 - Click on Address to Add Your Address

UPS parcel delivery box

STEP 11 - Click On “Add”

UPS delivery lock box

STEP 12 - You can Add DoorBox Code in Address

UPS package delivery box for home

STEP 13 - Finally, You Create Your Address with DoorBox Code in Your UPS Account. If You Change Your DoorBox Code You Can Edit by Using Edit option.

UPS home package drop box